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Resources for conducting commercial & non-profit activities in the City of Wood Dale

The  City Council has recently amended business regulations (Chapter 4 of the Municipal Code) to create the Commercial Occupancy Program, which focuses on public health, safety and welfare and applies to all non-residential structures.  This program still requires an annual application, payment of fees and inspection.  For some businesses, a Commercial Occupancy will be all that is required.   However, certain commercial activities will require a license or registration that can be in conjunction with the Commercial Occupancy.

One of the major changes is the introduction of Renewal Zones.  The Renewal Zones Map depicts the renewal deadlines for each geographic area.

To transition to this new program, existing businesses will be required to apply for a Temporary Commercial Occupancy as described below by December 31st.  Questions about the changes and the new program should be directed to Community Development at (630) 766-5133 or via email at

Temporary Commercial Occupancy (Existing Businesses)

STEP 1:  Submit Completed Temporary Commercial Occupancy Application

STEP 2:  Payment of Fees - Community Development Staff will determine the fees for the temporary Commercial Occupancy and any related business activities.  Fees can be paid by check and mailed or hand delivered to the Community Development Department.

STEP 3:  Temporary Commercial Occupancy Certificate Issued - Upon approval of the application and payment of fees, the Commercial Occupancy Certificate (COC) will be issued.


Commercial Occupancy (New Businesses)

STEP 1:  Submit Completed Commercial Occupancy Application 

STEP 2:  New Business Meeting - Community Development Staff will schedule a meeting to welcome you to the City and learn about your business.  We will also discuss zoning, fees and new business opportunities.  Fees will be due upon confirmation of your commercial activities.

STEP 3:  Inspection - An inspection is required by one or more City departments and the Wood Dale Fire Protection District.

STEP 4:  Commercial Occupancy Certificate Issued - Upon passing the inspection, approval of the application and payment of fees, the Commercial Occupancy Certificate will be issued.  Occupancy of the space prior to issuance of the COC is not allowed, unless specifically granted by Community Development.


Commercial Land Leasing

Includes Commercial Parking Lots and Mobile Home Parks.  Click HERE for more information.



Includes Waste/Refuse Haulers.  Click HERE for more information.


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