Garbage Removal / Recycling / Yard Waste

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Garbage Removal and Household Recycling Collection

  • Wood Dale's refuse is picked up on two different days of the week depending on what area you live in. 
    Waste must be placed at curb for removal by 6:00 a.m. on your designated collection day. Please Call the
    City of Wood Dale to determine what day is your collection day, 630-766-4900.
  • Collection will not be provided on holidays which regularly fall on Monday, those regular collections
    will take place on Tuesday, and then the regular Tuesday pick up will be bumped
    to the following Wednesday.
  • Pick up regulations for single-family homes require that garbage not be placed in front of home 12 hours
    before the pick-up nor may the emptied cans be left out 12 hours following the pick-up.
  • Residents will receive a monthly charge for solid waste removal on their water utility bill.
  • Refuse, recycling and yard waste are collected by different trucks running different routes, therefore pick up
    times may vary for each service.
  • Household materials such as beds, mattresses, furniture, and large carpets are picked up as part as the
    regular Monday pick up.
  • Recycling is collected on the same day as garbage pick-up. Separation of items (glass, paper & cans)
    is not required at this time. Recycling must be place in bin provided, it may not be placed in
    plastic bags, the waste company will not remove recycled items in this manner and will require you to change containers.

Click here for tips on Garbage/Recycling Cart placement.

Yard Waste
The City of Wood Dale does not have a formalized leaf removal program outside of the garbage contract.

Leaves and grass clippings should be placed in approved containers and placed at the curb on the
day of each residents scheduled garbage pick-up for removal.

Mulching leaves by way of mowing them into small pieces is an excellent alternative to manual raking.
Mulching of leaves during the fall also provides needed nutrients back into the turf grass plant for the
next seasons growing needs.

The Public Works Department needs your help in collecting leaves. The City has many streets with curb
storm sewer catch basins, culverts, and storm sewer pipes that are prone to trouble in rains when
they are blocked by leaves and grass clippings. The street sweeper that the City owns is not effective in
removing large  quantities of leaves from the City’s streets, and curbed areas. When the streets are wet or
wet leaves have been allowed to collect in great quantities during the fall the street sweeper is
ineffective in their removal as well. The street sweeper the City operates is intended to
remove road debris such as gravel, dirt, and trash from the road surface by way of water and
scrubbing brushes.

Public Works asks that each resident do their part in keeping the storm sewer grate, culvert pipe, or swale
in front of their residence free of leaves during the fall. This will greatly decrease the need for storm
sewer cleaning as well as eliminating street and inlet flooding due to leaves clogging the designed
drainage path.

Program Rules

  • Yard Waste is collected from April to November yearly.
  • Yard waste consists of grass clippings, twigs, leaves plant materials, etc.
  • Yard waste may be placed in a waterproof 33 gallon container with the "Grass & Leaves Only"
    sticker on it provided by the Clerk’s office of Wood Dale.
  •  Yard waste may also be placed in large paper bags designed for yard waste available at
    many local vendors.
  • Yard Waste may not be placed in plastic bags; waste company will not remove waste in this
    manner and will require you to change containers.

Holiday Tree Removal
Holiday Tree Removal will take place every Tuesday during the month of January.  The tree will be picked up
only if the stand and all decorations are removed and the tree is not contained within a plastic bag.  
Your tree should be placed curbside by 6:00 am Tuesday morning to ensure removal.  For additional
information please contact the Public Works Department at 630-350-3530.