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Fly Quiet Runway Rotation Test 3 
The Fly Quiet Runway Rotation Test 3 started the evening of July 23, 2017. Test 3 will be in place for a period of 12 weeks. Each new week will begin on Sunday evening at 10 p.m. or after when demand allows for one arrival and one departure runway. The purpose of conducting a third test is to test in real time a runway rotation without the use of Runway 15/33 which is slated to be decommissioned in the spring of 2018.

Complete schedules and more information is available at: www.flychicago.com/flyquiettest.
Residents are highly encouraged to fill out the survey in order to provide feedback.
The survey can be found on the following link:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/872FZNF  

The mission of the Wood Dale O'Hare Noise group is to update residents on what is happening with FAiR, ONCC, and other O'Hare noise organizations. Provide a resource page for citizens to learn about the noise issues and provide updates on what we are doing as a city to find solutions.Get people involved.

Ald. Peter A. Jakab, Chairman
Ald. Randy Messina, Vice-Chairman
Jay Babowice
Joe Dzielski
Cheryl Hansen
Dawne Morong
Jeanne Otero
Linda Waltz.

All questions may be emailed to Alderman Peter Jakab at  pjakab@wooddale.com or  Alderman Randy Messina  at rmessina@wooddale.com

April 10, 2017
November 14, 2016

Meeting Minutes
January 9, 2017
September 12, 2016


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