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City of Wood Dale Public Works

Streets Division

Anti-Icing (Salt Brine w/ Beet Juice) Application   

The Streets Division applies a mixture of de-sugared sugar beet molasses and salt brine during certain snow and ice events under favorable weather conditions where the liquid can enhance winter operations.  The product is all natural and completely safe for vehicles, pets, floors, etc. and is completely water soluble.  This is an 80% brine / 20% beet juice ratio applied to the road surface prior (5-7 days) to an impending snow storm.  This product starts activating once snow moisture begins and breaks the ice bond between the cold pavement and the snow falling upon it.  This allows a faster cleanup using less time with fewer scraping or plowing needed.  Please find the attached Street listing which illustrates the areas being applied. 


Street Listing for Anti-Icing (Salt Brine w/ Beet Juice) Application  

Ward 1

Division Street and Train Station                                          

Montrose Avenue (Wood Dale Road and Central Avenue)                          

Ash Avenue and Irving Park Road  (Ash Avenue to Potter Street to Central Avenue)                  

Oak Meadows Drive (Edgewood Avenue to Deerpath Road)                   

Oak Meadows Drive (Woodside Drive to Spruce Road)            

Ash Avenue & Potter Street                                                   

Sherwood Drive into Royal Oaks Drive                                   

Royal Oaks Drive                                                                                                                                

Ward 2                                                                                                                       

Elizabeth Drive (Wood Dale Road to Addison Road)                             

Potter Street (Addison Road to Prospect Avenue)                          

Dalewood Avenue (Potter Street to Irving Park Road)                           

Harvey Avenue (Hill)                                                                                                                    

Ward 3

Mill Road (George Street to Bridge)                           

Prospect Avenue (Mary Jane lane to Irving Park Road)                                  

Potter Street (Prospect Avenue to Mill Road)                                                                                                        

Ward 4

Edgewood Avenue (Foster Avenue to Irving Park Road)                          

Central Avenue (Foster Avenue to Irving Park Road)                                            

Front Street at Irving Park Road                                                       

Commercial Street (Wood Dale Road to Poplar Avenue)                        

Stoneham Street (Wood Dale Road to Poplar Avenue)                                        

Elmhurst Street (Wood Dale Road to Poplar Avenue)                                         

Itasca Street (Spruce Road to Central Avenue)                                          

Foster Street (Spruce Road to Central Avenue)                                         

Commercial Street / Grove Avenue / School Street                        

Center Street                                                           

Industrial Area

Mittel Boulevard (Wood Dale to Thorndale Avenue)                            

Hansen Court                                                   

Gerry Drive                                                        

Mittel Boulevard (Thorndale Avenue to Devon Avenue)                          

Central Avenue (Thorndale Avenue to Foster Avenue)                        

Edgewood Avenue (Foster Avenue to Thorndale Avenue)                               

Sivert Drive (Wood Dale to curve)                                                                                                           

Grand Total                                                     26.7 miles applied