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 World Elder Abuse Awareness Day | June 15
Elder abuse is a global social issue which affects the health and human rights of millions of older persons around the world, and an issue which deserves the attention of the international community.

Facts About Elder Abuse From The World Health Organization
1 in 6 older adults worldwide have been abused in the past year.
 As many as 2 out of 3 people with dementia have been abused.
Victims of elder abuse were twice as likely to die compared to older people who did not report abuse.
 The United States spends $5.3 billion each year in medical costs from violent injuries to older people.
Elder Abuse Infographic

Top Stories in Aging

A Look at America's Aging Future
Over the next few decades Baby Boomers will transform aging in the United States, presenting both opportunities and adversities.

5 Common Financial Struggles Faced by People Over 60
Many older consumers have problems coping with debt payments, understanding their loans and recovering from financial scams, among other issues.

We’re Bad at Death. Can We Talk?
In their last month of life, half of Medicare patients go to an emergency department, one-third are admitted to an I.C.U., and one-fifth will have surgery — even though 80% of patients say they hope to avoid hospitalization and intensive care at the end of life.

The New Aging Dilemma, Growing Older At Home Alone
According to the U.S. Census, 27% of seniors across America age alone. Furthermore, almost one-third of Americans aged 45–63 years are single, a 50% increase from 1980. The trend shows no signs of reversing.

Meet A Home Contractor Who Helps Older People Age In Place
Nearly 90 percent of Americans 65 and older say they want to stay in their current homes — but their homes, with their stairs and bathtubs, don't keep up with their aging occupants.

Benefits of Senior Living Following A Stroke
Most hospital stays after a stroke last just four days, and patients often return home. Nearly half in fact are discharged home directly after their hospitalization. While going back home is usually the goal, it can cause problems.

Food Delivery for Seniors?
A food delivery service is not just for college students or parents who are rushed to put food on the table after a busy day at the office. It can be very useful for seniors too!

Aging-in-Place - Innovative Programs
Aging-in-place is a term which has emerged in the past ten years to describe the desire by people to stay in their home as they age. No surprise that if given the choice between going to a nursing home and staying at home, our parents would choose the latter.

Pipe Cleaner Rose Activity
Fine motor skills are used in our everyday life's, from buttoning our shirts, signing our names, taking coins from our wallets, even feeding ourselves. As we age certain disorders and just general aging can cause our fine motor skills to decline.

Phone Scams
The recent IRS phone scams have been rampant for about a year or two now. The IRS has been advising taxpayers, many of them seniors, to ignore calls claiming to be from the IRS as this is generally a scam.

Portland Promising Tiny Housing Revolution
A look at Portland’s pioneering policy of encouraging accessory dwellings as a way to promote sustainable growth, affordability, and a housing alternative for older people.

‘Pre-Hospice’ Saves Money By Keeping People At Home Near The End Of Life
Most people would choose to stay home in their last years of life. But for many, it doesn’t work out. They go in and out of hospitals, getting treated for flare-ups of chronic illnesses, costing the healthcare system billions.

For Older People Living Alone, Daily Automated Calls Can Mean Safety
Hundreds of police agencies in small towns, suburbs and rural areas are checking in on seniors who live alone by placing an automated call to them every day.

A Better Way to Care for the Dying
The medical profession is beginning to take a more thoughtful approach to people with terminal illness. Reformers are overhauling how end-of-life care is delivered and improving communication between doctors and patients.


The following articles are available in the Senior Spirit  June 2017 e-newsletter by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors.

Can Fasts and Fad Diets Be Good for You?
Lose weight! Try this pill! Eat this single food! Are timeworn diet gimmicks now actually safe to use?

Starting Your Own Business After 55
For many, starting a business later in life makes sense as long as you understand and manage the risks involved.

Caregiver Burnout: Do You (or a Friend) Suffer From It?
As much as it is rewarding, providing care to an aging or disabled loved one can be a demanding and thankless job. We’ve rounded up some tips to help you reduce some of the stress.

How to Avoid Online Shopping Scams
The internet offers great bargains and fast delivery. Know what to watch for so you can shop safely and securely.

Intergenerational Learning via The Grandfriend

From school pen-pal programs that pair sixth graders with seniors to intergenerational facilities that let older adults and toddlers spend time together, the "grandfriend" concept is expanding worldwide.