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 World Elder Abuse Awareness Day | June 15
Elder abuse is a global social issue which affects the health and human rights of millions of older persons around the world, and an issue which deserves the attention of the international community.

Facts About Elder Abuse From The World Health Organization
1 in 6 older adults worldwide have been abused in the past year.
 As many as 2 out of 3 people with dementia have been abused.
Victims of elder abuse were twice as likely to die compared to older people who did not report abuse.
 The United States spends $5.3 billion each year in medical costs from violent injuries to older people.
Elder Abuse Infographic

Top Stories in Aging

Creating the Ideal Home for Retirement
When planning for retirement, a client’s home should be a topic of discussion. Does the client believe that they can stay in the current home for the next 10-20 years? An in depth look at universal design for aging.

What Older Adults Need to Know About Prescription Drug Risks
Older adults are twice as likely to suffer a side effect serious enough to require a trip to an ER, yet only half of the older adults in a recent Consumer Reports survey talked with their doctor about drug side effect concerns.

Over-The-Counter Devices Hold Their Own Against Costly Hearing Aids
Hearing aids that can cost more than $2,000 apiece are only slightly more effective than some over-the-counter sound-amplification devices that sell for just a few hundred dollars, according to a recent study.

Many Still Sidestep End-Of-Life Care Planning, Study Finds
Only 36.7% of the 800,000 people studied had completed some kind of advance directive. Of those, 29.3% completed living wills, 33.4% health care proxies and 32.2% were “undefined.”

Baby Boomers Look to Senior Concierge Services to Raise Income
Elder concierge, as the industry is known, is a way for the semi- and fully retired to continue to work, and, from a business standpoint, the opportunities look as if they will keep growing.

Workplace Accident Death Rate Higher for Older Workers
The number of deaths among all workers dropped from 5,480 in 2005 to 4,836 in 2015. By contrast, on-the-job fatalities among older workers increased slightly, from 1,562 to 1,681. During that time period, the number of older people in the workplace increased by 37%.

Simple Tips for Better Balance
Recent studies point to balance as an indicator for longevity. As we age, our balance and coordination begin to diminish, leading to a higher risk of falls. Four simple exercises to improve balance.

How to Have Crucial Conversations When Your Aging Loved One Is Resistant
If you are concerned about your loved one being resistant to having crucial conversations with you about end-of-life issues, you might hesitate to bring up the subject.

Are You Intruding If You Monitor Your Aging Parent's Finances?
For most adult children with aging parents, there is that dilemma. You want to honor their independence, but what if they show signs of slipping?

Demand Increasing for Private Caregivers in High-Hour Cases
In-home care is delivered predominantly by home care agencies who employ caregivers and dispatch them to homes, however, the rising cost has some families privately employing caregivers to save money.

Tech Revolution Benefits the Aging
Aging-in-place technology is helping to improve the aging experience for seniors and family caregivers. "Connected" health technology is a godsend for people who want to grow old in their homes and retain their independence.

As Rural America Faces an Onslaught of Alzheimer's Disease, States Look to Radical Ways to Help
A recent report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture predicts a significant swelling of the retirement-age population in rural America.

A Look at America's Aging Future
Over the next few decades Baby Boomers will transform aging in the United States, presenting both opportunities and adversities.


 The following articles are available in the Senior Spirit  August 2017 e-newsletter by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors.

The Benefits of Yoga for Older Adults
Many older adults are afraid that yoga is dangerous or convinced they can’t perform the moves, but research shows that yoga is a great choice for Baby Boomers and beyond.

Paying Off Credit Card Debt on a Fixed Income
When you’re robbing Peter to pay Paul on a fixed income, it might seem impossible to pay off existing credit card debts, but there may be ways to manage that debt.

Roommates Aren’t Just for College Students
When you think of roommates, you probably think of people in their 20s and 30s, but there’s a growing trend among Baby Boomers and beyond to find roommates for their golden years.

How Virtual Reality Could Change Your Life
Virtual reality is all the rage in gaming circles, but did you know that it can have some practical uses for your daily life as well?

Five Facts You Might Not Know About Labor Day
If you can answer these five questions about Labor Day without looking them up, you are a Senior Spirit Genius!

The following articles are available in the Senior Spirit July 2017 e-newsletter by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors.

Understanding and Preventing Knee Replacement Surgeries
More - and younger - Americans are getting knee replacements today than ever before. It’s an alarming trend, so it’s important to learn why this is happening and how you can prevent knee problems that require surgery.

Aging in Place: Does It Make Sense to Plan to Stay at Home?
It’s a common choice to stay in your own home through the later years of life. But does it make sense to age in place, or is assisted living a better option?

When A Lifelong Friend Comes Out
Among the difficulties that many older Americans will face – beyond disproportionate levels of poverty and depression – is LGBTQ acceptance.

E-Readers Can Bring Back Your Reading Habit
E-readers offer a host of benefits to those who suffer from low-vision or arthritis issues, but many older Americans still prefer an old-fashioned paperback.

Secrets To A Long Life
Richard Arvin Overton, the oldest living WWII veteran in America, shares his tips for longevity.

The following articles are available in the Senior Spirit  June 2017 e-newsletter by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors.

Can Fasts and Fad Diets Be Good for You?
Lose weight! Try this pill! Eat this single food! Are timeworn diet gimmicks now actually safe to use?

Starting Your Own Business After 55
For many, starting a business later in life makes sense as long as you understand and manage the risks involved.

Caregiver Burnout: Do You (or a Friend) Suffer From It?
As much as it is rewarding, providing care to an aging or disabled loved one can be a demanding and thankless job. We’ve rounded up some tips to help you reduce some of the stress.

How to Avoid Online Shopping Scams
The internet offers great bargains and fast delivery. Know what to watch for so you can shop safely and securely.

Intergenerational Learning via The Grandfriend

From school pen-pal programs that pair sixth graders with seniors to intergenerational facilities that let older adults and toddlers spend time together, the "grandfriend" concept is expanding worldwide.