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Top Stories in Aging

Anosognosia: A Big Word with a Big Meaning for Dementia or Alzheimer's
Seniors who experience symptoms of mental illnesses and are diagnosed by a physician may also appear to reject their diagnosis. A host of reasons can cause this reaction, and one of those is anosognosia.

Family Leave Benefits Are Being Cut: 5 Ideas for Family Caregivers
Anthony Cirillo, a healthcare consultant in elder care, says companies are cutting back on family leave benefits as part of an overall reduction in all voluntary benefits. He says it is a financial decision and that employers, employed family caregivers and policymakers must find solutions to a burgeoning problem.

Aging-in-Place Designer Products
When people decide to upgrade their home with aging-in-place improvements they often don't realize that there are companies offering aging-in-place designer products. We all recognize that aging in place improvements come with plenty of opportunities but one of the primary challenges is in trying to make it beautiful too.

 States With Highest Proportion of Isolated Seniors Could Be Best Place to Age Alone
The top five states with the highest and lowest proportion of aging solos. See how all 50 states rank.

The Milken Institute's Best Big And Small Cities For Successful Aging
Over half of this year’s winners are college towns, as they tend to have strong local economies, strong health infrastructure, strong transit systems, and innovative housing options. College towns touch many of the bases needed for successful aging.

The Home of the Future - The Trailer?
Luckily for a nation of undersavers, a trailer park turns out to be a superb place to age. They offer close-knit communities with no stairs and fewer costs than traditional retirement housing.

Should Older Americans Live in Places Segregated From the Young?
Some are concerned that it may be harmful or discriminatory for older adults to live with their age peers, separate from younger generations. But studies show that for some older adults there can be be more benefits than costs.

Older Workers Find Age Discrimination Built Right Into Some Job Websites
If you're looking for work, you might start with one of those websites that posts jobs. But if you're an older adult looking for work, you might have found yourself excluded from some of the features on those sites.

Why Your Decades After 60 May Be Your Best
People who perceive themselves as lifelong learners often are “superagers,” remaining vital and cognitively resilient through very old age.

Tissue Paper Mosaics
A fun and gratifying craft in which almost all seniors can participate. The bright colors are reminders that spring weather is arriving. Everyone gets involved in creating these mosaics with easy instructions. The final product serves as a great door hanging piece or to identify a walker.

Laser Therapy for Nail Fungus?
Nail fungus in the toenails is a common malady among older persons. Laser therapy is being used to treat it, but is it worth it? Dermatologist B.E. Elewski says merely being over 60-years-old is a risk for toenail fungus.

Rethinking Retirement for Longer Lives With Fewer Safety Nets
55% of American households risk not being able to cover essential expenses like housing, health care and food in retirement.

Are You Lonesome? How Minnesota Seniors Are Combating Social Isolation
Several groups are working to launch cohousing communities — developments where people occupy separate homes but share common spaces, meals and maintenance chores.

Finished at 50? Actually Your Career Might Just Be Getting Started
Many developed economies are facing an inverted age pyramid: people are living longer and the number of older people increasingly outweighs the size of younger generations.

How to Grow Old Like an Athlete
The question of how to maximize ‘health span’ – the period of life during which we are generally healthy and free from serious disease – is increasingly prevalent both in and out of sport.

More U.S. Seniors Taking Multiple Mind-altering Drugs
The number of older adults taking at least three prescriptions for psychotropic drugs has roughly doubled over the past decade, a recent study suggests.


 The following articles are available in the Senior Spirit  April 2017 e-newsletter by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors.

Don’t Be Embarrassed About Incontinence
Many simple and effective solutions are available for an issue common among older adults.

Is Travel Insurance Necessary?
It depends on many factors: where you’re going, what you’re doing and how much you’ve paid for the trip.

Generations Share Housing in Win-Win Situation for All
Several places pair older adults with foster families in supportive communities.

Avoid Slow Traffic with Your Phone
Smartphone apps alert you and find new routes to your destination, and will even find you a parking spot.

Senior Runs to Raise Money for Alzheimer’s
After Jack Fussell lost his father to the disease and then almost died from an ulcer, he committed to a life of health and giving back.

The following articles are available in the Senior Spirit March 2017 e-newsletter by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors.

Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep
A restful night is important for our health and well-being, yet, as we age, it can be elusive.

Executor of Will Can Be a Big Job
Make sure you know all the duties so you feel confident taking on the responsibility.

Don’t Be Shy About Belting It Out
Benefits of singing include less stress, increased memory, better sleep and no more snoring.

Can’t Find a Caregiver? Try a Robot
Around the world, researchers are finding that robots can do many tasks once done only by humans.

Sorry, It’s on the Tip of My Tongue
Several techniques can help you remember the name of the person you just met.

 The following articles are available in the Senior Spirit February 2017 e-newsletter by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors.

Older Adults Paying the Price For 'Free Love'
Seniors experiencing increase in health threat usually associated with younger people.

Reverse Mortgages Made Easier for Condo Owners
New law helps seniors gain HUD approval to convert home equity into cash.

Meditate Your Way to Health and Happiness
Benefits include stress reduction, slower aging, less loneliness and more happiness.

Stay Connected Through Technology
Seniors lag behind the rest of the population in using the Internet and social media, but there are many benefits of going online.

Watch Out for Tax Identity Fraud
It’s the time of year when scammers try to steal your personal information—and your tax refund.

The following articles are available in the Senior Spirit January 2017 e-newsletter by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors.

Divorce After 50 Offers Its Own Challenges
Not only can seniors lose much of their financial assets at a time in life when it may be hard to financially recover, but they can also lose shared connections and memories.

Getting Computer Fixed Can Be a Challenge
Older adults can find help through programs aimed at those who are not technically savvy.

Seniors Break Barriers with Prisoners
Young@Heart Chorus performs rock and R&B all over the world, including prisons.